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SUBJECT SHOULD BE IN "APPLICATION: Character Name (Series) - Reserved/Not Reserved" FORMAT


Contact: ** You MUST provide a way for us to contact you.
Over 18? ** Must be 18+ to apply.
Characters Played:


Character Name:
Canon Point:
Character Age: We are only accepting characters physically and mentally above sixteen (16) years old. We realize there are exceptions and special cases. Feel free to come forward about any unique circumstances surrounding the physical age of your character.
Background: A wiki link is fine. If your canon does not have enough information, feel free to provide a simple write-up. (Maximum 400 words)

Personality: Talk about your character's personality: their core traits, their strengths, their weaknesses, their motivations, and everything in between. Please note that this should focus on your character's personality and should not read like a history section. (Maximum 1,500 words)

Powers/Abilities: List your character's abilities, be they supernatural powers or special skills. For ease of reading, we ask that their abilities be written out in a simple, concise list format.

Power Nerfs (if applicable): While powers are allowed, we do have restrictions. Game-breaking powers will be limited. This includes abilities that can alter reality, time and space, abilities that can destroy entire cities or worlds, as well as any ability that would clash with our rewards/reputation system. We reserve the right to nerf any powers we feel would conflict the game and its lore.

Inventory: List out what your character arrives in the game with. They should be arriving with whatever's on them, and a special request for a weapon may be made. If this weapon has powers, please elaborate on what they are. Similar to the character's abilities, magical weapons may also need to be nerfed.

Incentives: The Orbiters want cooperation; they don't like to use force. For this section, we ask that you provide incentives that the orbiters could use to convince your character to work with them. Examples include: The guaranteed safety of their sleeping loved ones, special items from home, monetary benefit, new powers/magic, special healing from ailments — while they won't immediately gain these things, the Orbiters will consider it for the future.


We only ask that you provide two (2) threads of at least five (5) comments each coming from you (and with two different characters) that can successfully showcase your character's voice and emotional range. We will request revisions if your samples contain mostly dialogue. These threads cannot be older than twelve (12) months old. Alternatively, a TDM top level with at least two prompts will also suffice.


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